Scout PR Agency 

Scout PR is headed up by Claire Mountaine, a specialist public relations consultant with 15+ years’ experience in the industry, specialising in travel and hospitality


Re-Branding, Print, Digital & Web


Scout PR



The Scout PR ethos is built around a genuine love for what they do, and who they work with. It’s all about developing a strong bond with clients to offer an inhouse approach, with an independent consultant perspective.

Claire's vision was to create an identity and digital presence that embodied 

what she has built in first hand experiences and reputation, the intricacies of personalisation, the luxe approach and above all highlight the clientele she has worked with. 

The Website

A traditional and classic serif typeface champions this sites header as Scout PR's logo, followed by a series of inviting client based imagery that transports you to the finest hospitality and accomodation locations, New South Wales wide that similarly to Matilda Wilson Creative, absolutely loved their experience working with Scout.The website emulates the sophistication and luxe experience that is present when working with Claire and the team at Scout PR while providing viewers with a minimalistic, laid back layout for easy reading 

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