Rugs For Good 

Rugs for Good is a social enterprise whose goal is to help break the cycle of poverty through the sale of artisan rugs and the profit of such being put towards educating the children of India. 


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Rugs For Good



Based in Sydney, non-profit organisation Rugs For Good is ran by social worker Jessica Kulakowski who has created the brand based upon ethical production, altruism and global equality. As a business, we strongly believe that the morality of this cause will create genuine change on a global scale. 

Rugs For Good support the Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project. A registered Not-for-Profit organisation who empower children from India’s lowest socio-economic class to break the cycle of generational poverty through education, leadership and compassion.


Owner, Jessica Kulakowski contacted Matilda Wilson Creative to create Rugs For Good's visual identity, digital assets and website. Jessica was initially attracted to the business as we share a commonalty in values and ethos, that being the support of non-profit organisations and ethical production and design of products. The branding processes aim was to create a visual identity that referenced the hand-made attribute of the products, was approachable and playful.

Website Design

Rugs For Good's website explains the businesses story, their sponsorship of GoodWeave International and is an online store for their gorgeous, scandi inspired rugs that are produced by artisan families in India 

Website Design by Matilda Wilson Creative