Five Star Day Spa

Five Star Day Spa is an award-winning boutique establishment on the Central Coast of New South Wales specialising in skin care, massage therapy and injectables. 


Print, Web & Social Media Management 


Five Star

Day Spa



Setting a benchmark for luxurious relaxation, Five Star Day Spa provides a level of service and professionalism that is only apparent within the top spa locations. Boasting over 16 years of established success on the Central Coast of New South Wales they truly are adapting and evolving effectively. Matilda Wilson Creative works closely with Director, Nicole Spargo, in both implementing and developing their marketing strategy, managing their e-commerce site, developing their printed in spa collateral and social media material.  

Social Media Managment

Five Star Day Spa approached Matilda Wilson Creative for a customised marketing strategy and social media management role.  Through creative content, clear brand messaging and interval based key outcomes for the brand we have seen a substantial increase in online engagement and performance. An easy to absorb, informative strategy has been developed with their target audience in mind that showcases their partnerships with UltraCeuticals, Lira Clinical, Melli Cosmetics and Vita Sol Pty Ltd.