Hannah Rommelse Interior Design

Hannah Rommelse is a Interior Designer and stylist located in Sydney, New South Wales. specialising in residential styling and direction. Hannah approached Matilda Wilson Creative while freelancing for Coloured Pencil, whom MWC worked closely with, with the intention of a re-brand prior to an international move. 


Art Direction, Re-Branding, Print Media


Hannah Rommelse



The newly developed brand identity is heavily typographic. The primary typeface is a wide san serif with alternating ligature lengths and flows to diversify the font. This, paired with the earthy, neutral tones and a modern low contrast secondary type creates a clean, easily absorbed brand identity. 

The secondary brand mark indirectly references Hannah's service offering as an independent contractor: evident within the upside down 'I' which is integrated into the monogram. The dot although simple, introduces secondary elements to be utilised across web and print communication.