Madeline McFarlane Stylist

A Creative Stylist with a nature sensitive approach to all things design and lifestyle. Madeline looks to balance aesthetics with smart, ecological and economical design.


Art Direction, Re-Branding, Print Media



Madeline McFarlane



Having worked with and for some of the world's largest commercial names such as Balenciaga, Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, Madeline sought after a creative direction that properly reflected her professional level of work whilst breaking a few rules and standing out against the noise. 

What we worked through is a typographic myriad of design choices featuring an adjoining line that can written onto - the purpose of this was to reflect the multitude of areas Madeline's styling perpetrates. Allowing her branding to take her from Creative Stylist to Creative Interior or Fashion Stylist with a simple addition. 

The typographic choices are both reminiscent of Baskerville and contrasted with a caps case, highly kerned title font. This, paired with the muted, earthy tones reflect Madeline's positioning and worked into a synergy of fun, elegant branding. 

social tiles_2.jpg

The language

An emphasis needed to be placed onto the brand stamp - as a stylist who works with photographers, the opportunity for subtle branding was definitely there and necessary to her communication. What we landed on was a letter mark stamp that lets her work do the talking for her.