PIP Organic Skincare

PIP Organic Skincare range is an avocado based range that utilises unsold or un-shelf worthy produce from major retailers such as Coles and Woolworths to create their product. This in turn places less restrain on natural resources and relies on a pre-existing means rather than creating their own.


Identity, Branding
& Packaging


PIP Organic Skincare



The packaging design and name is inspired by gods green butter itself and the playful design ensures it has a voice on those busy supermarket shelves. 

The use of rounded typography creates a sense of approachability and modernism within the branding suite which compliments the hand drawn elements.  

The Brand

By focusing on tone of voice, bio-degradable materials and eco-consumerism, PIP Organic Skincare has identified a strong niche in their market and ensured that their buyers are in good, Australian made hands.