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Kappi Life: Conscious Consumerism Series 003

Kappi Life Eco Store is the Australian based creation of husband and wife duo - Fred and Em, who simply shared the goal of ending plastic pollution. Their solution - beautifully designed, function alternatives to single-use plastics that are wildly loved across the country and around the world today. The pair describe themselves as co-conspirators and have embedded their business with a love for nature and like-minded individuals whilst remaining completely and wholeheartedly committed to creating the most durable, best designed and fairest priced reusables on the market. I chatted to Fred and Em about their success thus far, the shift towards aligning our incomes with our values and the need for accountability when purchasing this Christmas...

To start off nice and simply! Can you tell me a bit about what inspired you to start Kappi and what it is that your business at its core is aiming to do?

We watched ABC's series the War on Waste and it really inspired my husband and I to work on our own zero-waste journey and do as much as we could to minimise our waste output. Along that journey we realised a lot of eco products on the market came wrapped in plastic and we were so shocked! They were also pretty daggy, so we wanted to fill the gap in providing alternatives to single use plastics, that were stylish, functional and didn't come packaged in plastic. Simply, we're aiming to educate and inspire people to live a less wasteful lifestyle.

Do you feel as a society, we’re increasingly aligning our spending with our values? If so, what do you attribute this change to and how do we continue to see a shift in the world towards this?

Definitely, the conscious movement has been gaining traction and awareness. People are changing and becoming more conscious about where they're putting their money. Unfortunately, I feel like we're yet to see this at a truly large scale, given the still current statistics of plastic pollution around the world. At this point, one garbage truck of rubbish is dumped into our ocean every single minute. I think the changes are largely due to people getting educated and aware of the issues currently facing our planet, but there's still a long way to go.

Kappi has absolutely sky rocketed in recognisability and community over the past

years, what do you attribute this success to and where do you see the brand going next?

I'd attribute our success largely to our community. We place a huge emphasis on community and have been super upfront with sharing our message and beliefs. Honestly, the response of welcome and support has been overwhelming and we feel honoured!

We'd love to expand out of Australia in the future, and start reaching people with our message worldwide so that more and more people can see how easy it is to make these changes in their lifestyles.

Mindless consumption and the need for ‘ease’ rather than ‘purpose’ has seen waste grow at exponential rate in Australia over the past 50 years. With Christmas being the pinnacle time for this, what simple practices would you recommend to someone who wants to introduce elements of environmentalism into their Christmas celebrations?

Food is such a huge part of Christmas, and shopping plastic free and locally at your market is a great way to be environmentally focused. This also supports your local farmers and helps you minimise waste as you only buy what you need! We also love giving second hand gifts and wrapping our presents with newspaper. You can find some amazing things at op shops to give as gifts, and we think newspaper wrapping looks pretty darn cool!

And to finish us off, what does ethical consumption mean to you?

To me it means really thinking about every purchase you make. From where or who it's made by, the effect that it has on the environment and where does it go at the end of its life. These are all things to consider before making a purchase. Thinking 'do you really need this?' is an easy way to apply this to your every day spending.

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