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Loving Criticism

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

How many times have you made something, whether it is written, drawn or even a meal and thought this is the best thing ever. You’ve taken a million and one photos, uploaded it to every possible platform, only to then be taken down a hell of a lot of notches with the classic response of “yeah its nice".

Sound familiar? Same.

I've grown up in an environment where my family would praise every single thing I made (50% of that was mixing weird food combinations and definitely was not praise worthy) because they saw that I was proud of it. This praise which I’m endlessly grateful for, made me so confident in my abilities and myself but also, a bit soft around the edges when it came to criticism in the real world.

Unfortunately it is all too easy to get caught up in our own likes and personal preferences that we forget that at the end of the day in a creative industry what you are creating is ultimately for someone completely different to yourself. Whether you like it or not you’ve got this job because someone has employed you to create their vision, not yours, theirs.

So how do you see criticism as a tool rather than a threat? By shifting your perspective.

The underlying message that all forms of criticism adhere to is that they’re an opinion. Take a bit of time to process that opinion and very easily you can reword what they’re saying into constructive advice. It sounds less sassy and ultimately that shift in perspective turns those feelings of inadequacy and frustration into your biggest possible asset. You give life to what you give energy too, creativity included.

Criticism or newly named ‘constructive advice’ is the easiest way into gaining valuable insights into our actions and our audiences reactions. The more attention and positive energy we focus onto their reactions the more we can cater our services to suit their needs and in turn increase their trust and become 10 times more versatile and therefore 10 times more employable.

Save your energy and save your time from being spent on things that aren’t as important, simply listen, respond professionally and positively, adapt and conquer.

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