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Mihan Aromatics: Conscious Consumerism Series 002

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Mihan Aromatics are a Melbourne based business created by the ever wonderful Joshua and Julia Mihan. The pair, together, have put their uniquely creative and emotive stamp on the perfume industry through the creation of a truly special business - Mihan Aromatics. Their scents harness the beauty of Australia, demonstrate a respect for such and echo Julia and Joshua's personal values of sustainability and tangible experiences into a unique and effervescent product offering...read on for an in depth look into the world of Aromatics and learn about their tips for minimising your impact this Christmas whilst still giving deeply.

Tell me a little more about the origin story of Mihan Aromatics and how it came to be

Essentially Mihan Aromatics was created from the love, experience and energy that Josh and I share with one another. At the time we were living overseas, we had been away for three years and we began to deeply miss the everyday life of our home town Melbourne. We started to write down memories and emotions that particular places evoked. Two years later we used this to inspire the storyboard and scent profiles of series one.

Why ‘Mihan’?

Mihan for both Jules and I means family, love, unison and belonging. We are creating a legacy that our children (one day!) will be proud of.

Why ‘Aromatics’ ?

The reason we chose this path instead of a traditional name on the bottle like parfum was we wanted to create our own wave in the fragrance world and "Aromatics" is a more gender neutral modern approach. We feel it sounds more Australian as well compared to the French word Parfum.

Your brands tone of voice and copy writing is some of the most engaging and creative I’ve ever come across. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

The power of parfum is intoxicating. The creation of the copy is inspired by blind smellings and asking individuals to say what emotions this scent elicits. We wanted to captivate the reader and provide them an imaginary portal of what this scent will conjure.

They say you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just improve it – being in such a long standing and saturated industry, how do you manage to differentiate yourself?

Having the love and support of each other and the autonomy to create and make our own decisions has been a crucial part of Mihan Aromatics. Unlike brands that are owned or invested by huge commercial corporations, Mihan Aromatics has been able to organically grow which is essential to prevent wastage and mass production that essentially ends up in landfill.

Instead we are focused on sourcing our ingredients from Australia, harnessing the beauty of our country and upholding values to guarantee cruelty free and vegan parfums. Our parfums are all mixed with Organic Australian Sugar Cane from sustainable farms in far north queensland and our beautiful parfum oils are with kakadu plum seed oil, wildly grown and hand picked by the Bardi Indigenous people in The Kimberly.

We are also very focused on creating a timeless aesthetic which ensures that we do not follow the typical trends of commercial perfume companies.

The tactility and minimalism of both the product and packaging are both beautiful and obviously considered. How important has branding your business cohesively been to your success thus far?

Even though Mihan Aromatics is the extension of both myself Julia and husband Josh. When creating a consistent focus and vision for branding, you need a team. We are lucky to have both Peter Deering and Traianos Pakioufakis who have been with Mihan Aromatics from the start. They are both inspiring creatives who help to guide and mediate both Josh and I which is essential when your best friend is your husband who is your business partner!

Where do you see Mihan Aromatics evolving to over time, say, in the next 3 years?

Our next focus is to work with passionate and inspiring Australian artists who can begin to create artwork inspired by our scents. We are also focused on continuing to refine our product and focused on reducing our carbon footprint. Our current packaging is 100% recyclable however we want to take it one step further and design compostable packaging.

Also at present there are a limited number of Australian botanicals available in essential oil form. We hope to work with Australian scientists to extract to showcase to the world the wonders of the Australian Landscape in a sophisticated way.

Christmas is our peak period for purchasing goods and by extension creating waste. How would you encourage people this year to be more mindful in their gifting?

Essentially look at buying presents that have a long life time. All our parfums are 20% concentrate this means that unlike perfumes or colognes they are long lasting on the skin hence you only need a couple of sprays and they last for 8 hours.

This year we will be releasing for the first time gift vouchers. $75, $100, $150. The gift voucher will be available on our website the first week of December and will include a complimentary discovery set. This will allow your loved ones to indulge in our parfum range and then consciously choose a scent that they will have for a lifetime.

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