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Subtle Bodies: Conscious Consumerism Series 005

It really is a rare feeling when a brand evokes a direct yet ephemeral feeling of interest and immerses you completely within their products origin story - but this is the case when experiencing Subtle Bodies. Entrenched with sustainability and the ancestry purpose of incense, the Australian made business has created an all encompassing identity that is as rich in personality as they are quality of the highest degree. I spoke with the ever approachable team about the importance of maintaining a balance between functionality, sustainability and commercialism and where they see this transient business heading to next...

Tell me a little more about the origin story of Subtle Bodies and how it came to be

We came up with the idea for Subtle Bodies after realizing we couldn't find any interesting or quality incense in our local shops. there is always an abundance of cheap, low grade products, but nothing that we wanted to purchase or use. After a lot of time spent researching and purchasing online we decided that it would be an interesting project to begin so we took the next steps necessary and started looking for suppliers. It didn't take us long to decide to go to Taiwan and Vietnam to meet with them directly - in Vietnam they actually took us all the way into the jungle so we could see their plantation and learn more about the products from the ground up. It was an incredible experience and we knew that we wanted to give it a real go from then. As it is a truly ancient product it has always intrigued us to learn and research more and this keeps us excited and wanting to share more.

How important is it to strike a balance between functionality, sustainability and commercialism?

In the case of our products these there is a bias towards quality and therefore functionality that detracts slightly from the commercial viability. As noted we work with very high quality, therefore expensive raw materials which define our products. Sustainability is imperative, and actually brings the cost down through modern plantation growing techniques. we love this combination of traditional and contemporary practice.

They say you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just improve it – being in such a competitive market and a long standing one, how do you manage to differentiate yourself?

We think that we are quite different in the way we have stuck to single origin and pure wood scents. Nothing in our range will ever be abstract or artificially scented, its just pure wood! This is the beauty of what we offer and quite remarkable when you think about these amazing, naturally fragrant trees.

When gifting Subtle Bodies, what feelings are you aiming to evoke in both the giver and the receiver?

Our Incense is great for gifting! It really keeps on giving as the receiver will always think back to their friend who gave it to them as they light and enjoy it. Its definitely quite emotive and great to contemplate on.

Where do you see Subtle Bodies evolving to over time, say, in the next 3 years?

We feel that it is just getting settled now and that we have received enough positive feedback to launch more as we move forward. There are definitely some new varieties just around the corner! The collaboration with friends has also always encouraged us, the Brass incense holders are made by our friends in London -having this ongoing contact with people far away is so much fun so we also look forward to more of these in the future.

To view Subtle Bodies stunning range of products, visit www.subtle-bodies.com.au

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