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The Design Kids: Featured Creative Director

Below is an exert of my interview with the ever wonderful Design Kids, a global creative platform for newly graduated designers that aims to promote professional development, community and collaboration.

Here is the link to the full interview: https://www.thedesignkids.org/interviews/matilda-wilson-creative

Give us the elevator pitch on what you do.

Matilda Wilson Creative is a full service creative agency located on the Central Coast of New South Wales, specialising in building integrity driven and ethically conscious brands through empowerment, purposeful design and creativity. Additionally, we’re a proud partner of GreenFleet Australia and donate 1% of our annual income to the trusted non for profit who are on a mission to protect our climate by offsetting carbon and restoring forests.

Who are your top five design crushes globally right now?

1. Stories Studio, based in Barcelona and London – the ultimate in sophisticated storytelling

2. Studio Sly, based in Melbourne and I absolutely love their unique style

3. Studio July, their copywriting and the feelings they evoke through this are amazing

4. Mildred and Duck, it’s minimal design with maximum impact every time

5. Long term favourite, Squad Ink Studio Sydney, their design work is instantly recognisable but completely on brand to their client, a very special and rare trait.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? Nothing is ever promised so don’t be afraid of the uncomfortable. The most challenging moment to date as a businesswoman was cultivating enough belief in myself to step out of the comfortability of working for someone else and transition into my own business. I’m no stranger to self-doubt and would often be my own undoing by facilitating a negative perception of myself through comparing what I was doing to others, even while I had such a great support network around me cheering me on. As a revelation of sorts, this advice showed me that there is no extra security in the full-time job, who’s to say they won't cave tomorrow or you’ll be made redundant? So why not pursue exactly what you want to do and what you feel is right for you? It really was quite liberating realizing this and I try to remind myself that although nothing is ever promised if you put enough passion and care into what you do, it just might work. If I can pass that message on to even just one graduate I would be stoked!

"Nothing is ever promised so don’t be afraid of the uncomfortable."

Any passion projects/collabs you would like to share? In terms of client projects, working with Rugs For Good Australia was certainly a career highlight of 2019, owner Jess and I clicked from the get-go as I was entrusted with their art direction, branding, e-commerce site and digital collateral. Rugs For Good are a start-up NFP that works with local artisans in India in creating 100% fair trade rugs and donate 100% of profits towards the Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project which aims to break the cycle of generational poverty and educate beyond basic literacy the lowest socio-economic class in India. In terms of personal projects, I absolutely loved developing the Conscious Consumerism Series late last year. The project was a series of interviews across my blog with eco-conscious makers like St. Agni and Kappi Life, non-for-profit organisations such as Take 3 for the Sea and intention driven artists Australia wide which culminated into a backlog of useful information in how to be a ‘better buyer’ as well as a thought-provoking gift guide during the peak period of purchase driven marketing tactics. I’ve actually decided to continue the project on and immerse myself further into other businesses as I’m quite obsessed with the amazing initiatives out there and the positive impact their having.

What advice would you give students graduating in 2019?

1. Network, I was so scared of this and still am to a degree, but it’s a great way to build a community, develop connections and source inspiration. Try and commit to events, even if it is just showing up the first time and building up towards the lengthier conversations. Check out platforms like The Design Kids and Ladies, Wine and Design and Woman by Abby Rose.

2. Design for yourself while you can not for the industry, if it makes you happy and you think the concept is great then roll with it, you don’t have to follow trends or design for a response from peers, just design from a creative point of view and you’ll stand out far more than replicating what everyone else is doing. To add to this, share your work! Utilize the great creative platforms we have at our disposal like the TDK Awards, Dribbble or behance.

What’s on the cards professionally and personally in the next 12 months?

First and foremost professionally my goal is to grow a business that is entrenched in its values and continue to strive towards working with integrity driven businesses that are having a positive impact on the world.

Secondly, I want that business that makes me feel uncomfortable from time to time, to be able to pivot where necessary and not be afraid to explore avenues unknown.

And lastly I want a business that allows me to create a lifestyle I love and to be a kind person, if I can pack up a laptop and drive wherever and still put my best foot forward and create a positive impact, that to me, is the pinnacle.

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