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The Plant Society: Conscious Consumerism Series 007

Having a flurry of flora and fauna within a home has gained a somewhat cult following in the past few years and we certainly can get behind it. This plant powered movement promotes growth, renewal, education and an embrace of our natural surroundings. Very few businesses facilitate this as well as our friend at The Plant Society. A business born out of a passion for good design and of course, plants - this incredible enterprise lead and mentor their growing team, audiences and projects in their Melbourne and Sydney studios and stores.

They continue to nurture a vast range of plant projects across Australia, promoting positive and open conversations about gardening and greenery not only indoors but in compact outdoor environments. Read on to learn about the role community plays in their business, the cognitive impact plants can have and all about concept ShopHouse...

Can you introduce your business and tell us a little bit about The Plant Society?

The Plant Society has been born from a passion for design and plants, but also to create a plant community, or as we like to call it, a ‘plant social network’. Our goal is to nurture and preserve rare and interesting plant species for future generations and share the knowledge and skills required to grow them with our community. By celebrating plants and all things green, we hope to establish a knowledge bank of skills and techniques that can be enjoyed by all plant enthusiasts, whatever their skill level.

Alongside our plant foraging we are actively involved on a range of events and projects to promote positive and open conversations around greenery. We collaborate closely, designing greener spaces, both internal and external, with architects, interior designers, council and developers.

Where did your love for community stem from? (pun intended)

I grew up in a large close-knit family and was always surrounded by supportive friends in the places I worked and lived. For gardeners it’s so important to have a community to exchange knowledge but also cuttings. There is something very special about the relationship’s gardeners have. It’s often genuine and raw with no facade.

Why is education and collaboration so important to the daily operations of The Plant Society?

The Plant Society thrives off exchanging knowledge and educating. If we don’t pass on the critical knowledge of plant care, then our community can’t become better at nurturing greenery in our city. In order for us to learn it has been important for The Plant Society to collaborate with other specialists, so we can evaluate who we are and how we can always improve.

What has been the greatest challenge you’ve faced within your business and the greatest triumph?

The greatest challenge has been growing the business; making sure we hold our persona as we get bigger. As we grow there is so much more to consider. Questions like ‘Will this work?’ or ‘Can we make enough to keep our staff fed?’ are some of the biggest challenges. You realize as you grow you become responsible for the wellbeing of your family. The biggest triumph is having an amazing team to mentor and have alongside Nathan and myself. Together we have achieved so much, and we are always reflecting on this.

With so much exponential information and the facilitation of such through constant media connection, how do you encourage individuals to slow down and seek out the psychological benefits of ‘greenery’?

We make sure we interact with each and every person, motivating them to slow down and talk to other gardeners. I think naturally as you become a gardener, the plants themselves slow you down. For us it’s getting people to get their hands dirty and they slow down naturally as a result.

ShopHouse is an awesome tangent of the brand and a great culmination of your values of community, green living and sustainability. How did you come up with the idea to expand into accommodation?

The evolution felt natural. When we considered making our mark on Sydney we wanted to reflect who we were and also have another venture to balance rental costs in Sydney. This meant ShopHouse and The Plant Society would look after each other and speak to our community together.

And lastly, you’ve seen first and foremost the amazing effects greenery can have on our emotional state and the need for such in our ever busy world. How would you encourage people to gift ‘green’ this Christmas?

When it comes to gifting ‘green’ for Christmas we say play it safe. Start with a hardy plant that is sure to thrive in the space it will end up. Alternatively investing in a nice mister, book or handmade planter could help inspire your loved one to garden.

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