Honour Wellness was created to bring awareness to postnatal depletion and the importance of replenishing essential nutrients to women during their postpartum recovery and motherhood journey.


Art Direction, Branding, Web Design, Digital, Print & Packaging Design


Honour Wellness


In Partnership since 2021

Matilda Wilson Creative were responsible for the art direction of the brand, branding development, web design, print media and packaging design. Working closely with the team at Honour Wellness and our network of commercial printers, we were able to properly source the correct, environmentally friendly packaging outcomes that worked with the Miron Glass vessel without compromising the key of focus of communicating the deeply personalised approach of the brand.

Since our initial project in 2021, we’ve proudly worked with Honour ever since, developing their new range of supplements, all print media and a secondary refill packaging outcome for the original blend. Our relationships with our clients are centric to our business and we’re incredibly proud of our ongoing partnership with Honour.

Post Partum Replenishment

Our brand direction was cemented around the ethos of Honour which is to nourish the nurturers; mother’s. Honour Wellness at its core is a wellness blend containing thoughtfully selected organic superfoods and adaptogenic herbs to assist in bringing replenishment and harmony to your mind and body during your postpartum recovery and motherhood journey. A highly potent formula designed to support the reduction of stress and fatigue that comes with postnatal depletion.