Al aire Libre Bar & Cocina is a personal project that was developed as a ‘COVID concept’ during the isolation period. I wanted to develop a bright and exciting restaurant that was culturally rich yet modern in design. Al aire Libre is a Spanish term that translates to ‘outside’.


Art Direction, Branding, Print Media


Passion Project



Al aire Libre

Al aire Libre pairs the bold, rich colours of South America with a modern take on branding. I opted to use a slab san serif type for the brand submark and copy while contrasting this with a flowing low contrast script typeface for the primary logo. The brands lettermark is quiet versatile and helped to differentiate between menus and contexts when communicating the assets.

I imagine Al aire Libre as a fun tapas style restaurant and bar that is best enjoyed in groups. The palette and typography are the main attributes of the brand and hey allow for the overall personality of the brand to be recognised.

Drawing inspiration from traditional sign writing, stipple style illustration and contemporary typographic posters, Al aire Libre is very much a design oriented concept and demonstrates the potential of a well thought out style guide.

Al aire Libre

The language

The cocktail menu was a primary focus of the branding and very much allowed for the secondary language developed to be showcased. Same thickness iconography is used through out as well as a low opacity pop art style dot pattern. This is used for image overlays to keep the bold, vector style branding consistent across all communication. I played around with distorting the heading letter widths to create interest and reference the modern take of the brand.