On a mission to bring great beer with no compromise on quality to the local community, in a laid back, family friendly environment, Big Little Brewing is the Australian beer scenes newest neighbour. Situated on the Central Coast of New South Wales, the brewery has family at its heart and is set to launch late 2023.


Art Direction, Branding & Packaging Design


Big Little Brewing



Matilda Wilson Creative were responsible for the art direction of the brand, branding development and packaging design. We approached the project firstly as beer lovers – win. But secondly from a highly research oriented angle, focusing on the community aspect and deep diving into what Central Coast families value, invest in and look for in trusted brands. Our branding reflects the no nonsense personality of a Coastie family with an ode to retro warmth, giving voice to the rising gentrified areas of the Coast.

Type. Is. Everything.

With a brand such as Big Little Brewing, future proofing such is an obvious focus. With merchandise, digital marketing, special ranges and print media all equally need a considered approach be it now and in future, we needed to assign stylistic elements to the brand that we’re distinct, yet malleable and easily implemented. Through typography this was greatly achieved, we thoroughly researched appropriate type families and developed a schematic that allowed for large, high impact headlines – perfect for communicating a unique tone of voice, with alternate, retro based, scaleable subheadings that drew you in without shouting at you. But even more importantly, the type and use of block colour allows the brand to grow organically – good for you little brew.