Bimini skin and brows is a New South Wales based, leading cosmetic business that specialises in cosmetic treatments to elevate the everyday. Carefully considered, and intuitively delivered, the woman behind Bimini deeply understand the technical process behind their trade and of course, the aesthetic appeal.


Art Direction, Branding, Web Design, Digital & Packaging Design






Matilda Wilson Creative were responsible for the art direction of the brand, branding development, web design, print media and packaging design. This process involved a strong strategy to effectively position the brand as both modern, high end and professional. With their industry largely saturated, their visual identity needed to differentiate while their web design needed to exude their boutique service.


Modern Design Meets Beauty

Bimini’s space itself is firmly in the upper echelon of beauty spaces, disrupting the current industry standards of soothing music and blush pinks. We created a branding suite that properly reflected this and combined modern design with a high emphasis on typography which resulted in a memorable and aspirational brand.