Bocadito are a Northern Rivers based, family run, fresh and seasonal gourmet food stall and bespoke catering company.  ‘Bocadito‘ meaning finger to mouth is based on the idea of eating without cutlery. It is a way to experience fresh, local and seasonal produce in a rustic and traditional way


Art Direction, Branding, Web Design, Digital & Packaging Design


Bocadito Byron Bay




Matilda Wilson Creative were responsible for the art direction of the brand, visual identity, web design, print media and packaging design. This process involved crafting an entirely hand drawn visual identity suite, as well as secondary language. The themes of using our hands and togetherness saw the brand take on a soft, approachable position that when paired with the incredibly flavoursome and comforting meals, felt like home. With their industry largely saturated, their visual identity needed to differentiate while their web design needed to exude their boutique service and family oriented edge.

Illustrative Assets

Having a background in illustration and understanding of how to digitise assets meant MWC were able to arm Bocadito with a series of single illustrations that echoed the brands positioning, as well as multiple options for patterns and layouts which saw the packaging take shape. While commercial printing can yield a high cost, this savvy small business opted for single colour, singled sided printing on eco conscious mailers for impactful outcomes without an excessive spend.