Experience Education are the UK’s premier educational travel brand, bringing renowned, specialist school travel organisations together, to create the most extraordinary range of travel experiences for schools. They represent and curate the widest choice of high quality school trips, with a major focus on delivering extraordinary development experiences for students, both safely and sustainably.


Art Direction, Branding & Publication Design


Headland Brands



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Matilda Wilson Creative were contracted by Headland Brands to spearhead the rebranding of Experience Education as an umbrella corporation and consolidate the visual identity of their 5 sub companies under the one banner. The identity for Experience Education has been developed to exude a corporate yet approachable direction, that primarily speaks to educators and parents, while the rounded san serif typography, use of block colours and awe inspiring photography exudes feelings of establishment, fun and professionalism to personify and involve the secondary audience segement of students. 

Modern Design Meets Beauty

Each sub brand of Experience Education, as well as the overall brand has been assigned a round mark as a form of identification. The purpose of these marks is to communicate firstly, the link to Experience Education through the consistent use of the way finding pin drop and provide communications with an on brand identifier to use when the logo isn’t appropriate. This has worked extensively well throughout primary and secondary communications as we’ve able to funnel consumers directly to the sub brand most engaging to their needs in a visually appealing manner.