FWD FORM Nutrition has been designed to elevate your performance, recovery and overall wellbeing, naturally. Australian-made and on a mission to support the health conscious individuals, the active, the go-getters and the ones who strive to be better each day.


Art Direction, Branding, Web Design, Digital, Print & Packaging Design


FWD FORM Nutrition


2021 / 2022

FWD FORM_1080x2160

Matilda Wilson Creative were responsible for the art direction of the brand, branding development, web design, print media, digital advertising and packaging design of their entire inventory. We had the task of creating a gender neutral packaging position, that emulated the natural elements whilst tapping into the modern movement of wellness. With a target market of mostly those aged 20-35 and their primary marketing channel being Instagram, we knew that aesthetic had to play a strong role.

What we developed was a bold, contemporary brand and packaging communications suited to e-commerce positions, as well as retail spaces due to the high level of recognisability across the whole suite and eye-catching primary identity.

Design Recognition Across Multiple Outcomes

FWD FORM involves a multitude of products with variants in flavour and size, our packaging design was created in a way that didn’t substitute layout or consistency according to this. The minimal take and emphasis on typography also allows for the brands future expansion into additional products, retail offerings and gym wear.