Honne Wellness is wellness in synergy with alchemy. Their products are designed by our team of naturopaths and nutritionists taking a holistic approach of our unique needs as women.Derived from whole food sources, we use absolutely no synthetic ingredients, preservatives, fillers or additives.


Art Direction, Branding, Web Design, Digital Content Creation, Packaging Design & Advertising Media


Honne Wellness



Matilda Wilson Creative were responsible for the art direction of the brand, branding development, e-commerce web store, content creation, packaging and label design, advertising material and brand strategy. All of which involved a collaborative and personalised approach. By delving into the strategy of the brand we identified a niche market for science backed protein’s that were certified organic and Australian made.

Consumer Driven Experience

Honne’s e-commerce focus meant that their user experience and web design was pivotal to the brands success. Through strong copy, professionally shot content and a digital strategy that effectively paired key messaging and brand transparency with clear call to actions we were able to communicate to audiences without over powering them or stepping away from the brands style.