iPERFORM is an online platform, for personal training programs, catered for elite athletes and the general population. Created by Aaron Sculli, a leading athlete and trainer who has worked with some of Australia’s top tier sporting teams such as the Wallabies, Waterpolo Australia, Western Sydney Tigers and the Australian Institute of Sport


Art Direction, Branding & Web Design


Aaron Sculli, Owner



iPerform_Web Header

Matilda Wilson Creative were tasked with the rebrand of iPERFORM, modernising their communications to properly appeal to a mostly male demographic with sub markets of professional sporting teams and women. The consistent psychographics across all segments were that they valued their physical fitness and there was a strong desire to push their performance boundaries. With this in mind, the identity created was dynamic to echo the movement based service and a sleek no nonsense persona that demanded attention.

Videography & Animative Elements

Automated animations and a professional videography shoot with Ben Gamlin Creative ensured that the content presented on the website mirrored the movement inspired approach. This was then re-purposed into the iPERFORM downloadable content for a smooth consumer transition from tentative visitor to engaged purchaser. MWC oversaw the Art Direction of these shoots and a further look at the finished product can be found at I-perform.com.au