Locals Sunscreen are an Australian owned and operated, reef-friendly sunscreen brand. Created by coast born Anna Mcatamney and Bryce Foott, they set out on a mission to add a little bit of fun to sun safety, while educating and treading lightly along the way.


Art Direction, Branding,  Digital & Packaging Design


Locals Sunscreen



Locals Sunscreen

Matilda Wilson Creative were engaged to re-brand the business in early 2021 as the brand had experienced excellent growth and needed an identity to properly match their personalities and positioning, which was a reef-friendly, approachable brand that’s the life of the party and always up for an adventure.

Locals Sunscreen

The Great Aussie Dream

The art direction for the brand takes inspiration from the golden era of Australian beach culture, the 1970’s. Where festivals were gaining prominence, long boards were a must and Chico rolls were a well balanced meal. From a design standpoint, we’ve taken the fun loving personality of this era and combined such with an educational standpoint that doesn’t feel like homework and instead, transforms the once monotonous task of applying sunscreen into a fun and easy activity.