Oh Blossom partners with Sydney cafes, coffee spots and retailers to sell stylish and sustainable, dried and preserved flowers; helping small businesses increase their revenue, and customers to elevate the spaces where they spend time.


Art Direction, Branding, Print & Web


Lauren Rutter



Oh Blossom

The initial briefing from Lauren was to create a brand that challenged the typical representation of florists and emulated a classic, cool look that was effortlessly memorable and chic in aesthetic. Our outcomes are defined by typographic style, colour and texture and finished with a hand drawn elements that make this branding truly unique.

Oh Blossom

Art Direction

Oh Blossom lives and breathes in a multitude of equally important touchpoint’s. Therefore, we needed to create a branding suite that worked effectively at small scales, was instantly recognisable and held it’s own on busy platforms such as instagram and web. Through bold grainy colour blocks, witty copy writing and blocked out typography the brand is instantaneously joyful and a welcomed addition to both digital and psychical spaces.