SIPPS Margaritas are an Australian based Margi mixer brand, born after many years travelling, wining, dining and working together; owners Ali and Jess knew the value of a great moment, made even better when shared with a friend… and a cocktail.


Art Direction, Branding, Copy Writing, Print & Packaging Design


SIPPS Margaritas



In a market as saturated as beverage, identity and equally, brand presence are pinnacle. SIPPS Margaritas engaged Matilda Wilson Creative from the conception of their business to build an effective brand that stood strongly against competitors and exuded a cheeky, Friday arvo personality. The immediate launch success of SIPPS has seen them sell out entirely within weeks and is currently now stocked at over 15 locations Australia wide – with more to come.

Cultivating Strategy

Early stage strategy heavily involved MWC aligning the SIPPS brand with the correct partners and team. We have spent years cultivating a strong network of savvy printers, illustrators and stock providers which enabled SIPPS to evolve their grass roots brand into something undoubtedly tangible before launching, thus demonstrating a viability of the brand and cementing their brand presence within the market. Through product testing and understanding the feasibility of substrates, partnering with renowned illustrator Molly Wellington and engaging local web developers Advantage Group, as a team, we saw SIPPS fly from the first bottle.