Introducing Solah, performance based supplements enriched with the traditional knowledge of Australian herbal ingredients. Ethically sourced and transparent in their pursuit of optimised activity, Solah is your confident confidant for self improvement.


Art Direction, Branding, Digital Design





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Matilda Wilson Creative were approached by the Australian based team to develop their brand strategy and subsequent identity with a launch date of early 2024. Having developed multiple brands in the supplement and wellness space, we were aware from the outset of the importance of identifying the brands niche and catering such to a younger demographic who are actively involved in self improvement and receive their trusted information through social media. By involving an in-depth digital strategy, dynamism and versatile brand assets that translated the movement messaging equally across touch points, Solah’s initial connection felt vibrant, inviting and energised.

Delving Deeper

Whilst Solah conveys a dynamic and young design language crafted for digital engagement, it is imbued with a stronger depth of meaning. Brand accents and multiple depictions of the sun as an energy source are a nod to the brands emphasis on traditional Aboriginal formulations, ethically sourced from remote communities. This, as well as the transformative power of natural energy and the positive associations of the outdoors, connection and growth are all evident within the brands collateral.