Teneur is a luxury skincare brand, operating out of Southern France. Entrenched with the concept of storytelling, Teneur can be described as the penultimate, modern aged expression of romanticism, on a mission to deliver an experience unlike any other.


Art Direction, Branding, Web Design, Digital & Packaging Design


Teneur Skin



Web Header

Matilda Wilson Creative were responsible for the art direction of the brand, branding development, web design, print media and packaging design. This process involved a strong strategy to effectively position the brand as both high end yet accessible and reminiscent. With their industry largely saturated, their packaging needed to communicate a softy feminine message while their web design needed to exude their boutique position. This was achieved through a primary focus on type and image as a form of emotive expression, with various French poems incorporated into the packaging experience.

Typographic Focus

The primary typefaces used are designed by the infamous Claude Garamond, a French typographic artist, publisher and punch cutter. This inclusion and ode to traditional design exemplifies Teneur’s position as inherently French and undoubtedly romantic. Considered one of the leading type designers¬†of all time, he is recognised to this day for the elegance of his typefaces and Teneur is no exception to this.