The Little Harvest is a sustainably oriented food truck business servicing the Central Coast and greater New South Wales, specialising in bespoke events and catering. Defined by their personalised approach and passion for food, The Little Harvest brings forth a unique dining experience in both culinary exploration and setting.


Art Direction, Branding, Digital


The Little Harvest



The Little Harvest

We looked into multiple branding directions, all their own entity and offering a variety of styles that could best present their brands values and positioning. What we landed on was an elegant and timeless design in a duotone palette that properly reflected their story, the produce and their approach.

The Little Harvest

Out In The World

A key focus from our end as Art Director’s was to ensure that the brand was hitting the mark across their different touch points – their communication is predominantly online, but the business itself is heavily face-to-face and community oriented. The way in which we achieved this was through a clear and concise style guide that placed a strong emphasis on the tone of voice, imagery style and formatting of the brands collateral.