Each year as a studio we like to develop a corporate gift to thank our clients for their ongoing support. Unique to 2021 we developed a series of candles and set the task of utilising only recycled or biodegradable materials.


Art Direction, Branding & Packaging Design


Matilda Wilson Creative




We wanted to develop a product that helped clients relax after a truly unique year. We wrote copy mostly about unwinding with margaritas in the company of family and engaged a local candle apothecary to develop the custom scents, utilising sustainable soy wax and natural essential oils. All photography has been done by a local business as well; Monday Media Club.

Sourcing Sustainable Packaging

The candle labels themselves are an uncoated recycled stock, printed by our friends at Digital Press in Sydney, while the hex wrap and postal boxes are both biodegradable outcomes sourced from Australian suppliers. Additionally, our branded tape utilises vegetable dyes and a water based adhesive to reduce the need for plastic and were sourced through No Issue Co.


The challenge we posed to utilise only sustainable materials presented logistical issues as well as some roadblocks with what we were able to achieve, however, all of this experience can now be utilised for our clients to ensure a smoother process for them.