A Melbourne based incense business, born during the tumultuous initial stages of COVID 19. Within offers a sensory opportunity to switch off, practise meaningful introspective reflection and do so with kind intentions. The product itself is derived ethically from Japan with no synthetics or perfumes and is set to launch late 2020.


Art Direction, Branding, Print & Packaging


WITHIN Incense



Within Incense

With no compromise on luxury and featuring stunning tactile extensions of the brand. Within properly translates their brand messaging into physical collateral – which is crucial for businesses that are highly emotive in their stand point, moody and brooding in the visual identity and enticing with their tone of voice.

Within Incense

Custom Illustration

Owner, Angela and I explored in depth the opportunity to involve a custom made hand drawn illustration to the secondary language of Within. Having a background in illustration allowed myself to apply these skills and culminate them with digital design – this resulted in a vectorised mixed media piece that can be scaled properly and used across all brand touchpoint’s.