Glow Group Health and Wellbeing are a Dietitian Service built to support healthy relationships with food and body. Offering nutrition assessment and support at their clinics located across Greater Sydney and Adelaide, we were tasked with re-inventing the brand to properly emulate their growing position and inclusive standpoint.


Art Direction, Branding, Copy Writing & Digital Design


Glow Group Health & Wellbeing




Matilda Wilson Creative firstly worked with Jess and her incredible team at Glow Group as early as 2019 on their expansion into Glow and Grow; a service specific to children and fussy eating. Since that first encounter we’ve fostered our relationship and recognised various opportunities for the Glow Group identity to evolve as well accessibility issues with their previous colour schematic. Being an all inclusive, client centric brand that philosophically aims to be a safe space, increasing accessibility was a huge factor of our strategy when rebranding while modernisation and future proofing equally had a role at hand.

Addressing Accessibility Issues

With previous issues with legibility and sizing parameters present, Matilda Wilson Creative focused on the creation of a brand schematic that solved a multitude of problems. We focused on properly assigned colour theory, lent into typographic systems that scaled well and ensured such translated clearly into digital use. We firstly addressed colour by broadening the previous palette, created combinations with stronger contrast while retaining the muted, approachable theme synonymous to the brand and assigned key roles for each tones. This was further complimented by a suite of easily recognised iconography for service descriptors and a typographic focus on large format, wide header treatments for digestible site way finding and digital recognition. The alternating header fonts are a reflection of the logo which is subtle ode to the brands heritage and their previous treatment of such.